Industrial Machinery


We can repair, service and supply replacement cores and assemblies for all applications. We offer a fast professional service and have the backing of Australia’s largest radiator manufacturer with 5 manufacturing plants around Australia so that downtime is minimized. We are able to offer complete cooling solutions for all motorized equipment such as;

  • Compressors
  • Cranes
  • Lawn mowers
  • Drill rigs
  • Trenching machinery
  • Tractors
  • Agricultural
  • Water pumps
  • Wood chippers
  • Generators
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Forklifts

FEATURE: Premature Corrosion

Corrosion is the eating away, or deterioration of a solid, especially metal, by a chemical or electrochemical process. The causes of this can be; - Inadequate preparation of a new radiator prior to fitment - The cooling system was not completely flushed out, including the overflow bottle and the heater core - There may have been the mixing of different corrosion inhibitors or the use of an incorrect corrosion inhibitor - Perhaps the incorrect concentration of corrosion inhibitor, either at the time of the changeover or cause by dilution over a period of time.

Power Generation

We have undertaken many jobs in this industry over the last 3-5 years.

Some of our recent works include Sydney Water Bondi Sewerage Treatment Plant, Governor Phillip Building Circular Quay 62nd floor, David Jones City, Shellbourne Hotel Sydney, Westfields Hurstville and East Gardens and Sydney Airport.

We are able to service all makes such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Dorman and Perkins.  We have also had experience with Jenbacher gas engine radiator panels which are up to 6 metres long.

We offer an onsite service with a specially built service truck and a team of tradespersons to get the job done fast.

We have the backing of Australia’s largest manufacturer with 5 manufacturing plants around Australia so that we can supply replacement cores for all generators as well as older units that are now obsolete.


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