Mining & Earthmoving


It really doesn’t matter what type of machinery you own, operate, repair or service, Superior Radiators has all your cooling needs covered.

We specialize in repairing Caterpillar modular radiator tanks.  They are machined and then brass sleeves are fitted.

Our team of tradespersons with over 125 years combined experience can handle the largest of radiators for dump trucks, excavators, bull dozers, mine shovels, drill rigs, backhoes, loaders, Bobcats etc. right down to the mini excavators and trenchers.

We have cooling solutions for all the major brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Atlas Copco, Elphinstone, Kobelco, Euclid, JCB, Mesabi and Kubota just to name a few.

We have many regular customers that rely on us for all their radiators, hydraulic oil coolers, intercoolers etc on a daily basis.  Some of our customers include Westrac Equipment, Coates Hire Group, Atlas Copco, Boral Quarries, Big Rim Coal Mines, Xstrata Coal, Hitachi Australia, JCB Construction Equipment among others.

Here at Superior Radiators, we offer a fast, professional and reliable service that is second to none.

We are backed by the largest manufacturer of radiators in Australia with 5 manufacturing plants around Australia.  They also have operations overseas that can supply us OEM products as well as aftermarket products that are engineered to meet ISO standards.

We can also supply fans from 50mm dia to 5 metres.  If a replacement unit isn’t available off the shelf, we can have it made in a few days to minimize your downtime.

FEATURE: Premature Corrosion

Corrosion is the eating away, or deterioration of a solid, especially metal, by a chemical or electrochemical process. The causes of this can be; - Inadequate preparation of a new radiator prior to fitment - The cooling system was not completely flushed out, including the overflow bottle and the heater core - There may have been the mixing of different corrosion inhibitors or the use of an incorrect corrosion inhibitor - Perhaps the incorrect concentration of corrosion inhibitor, either at the time of the changeover or cause by dilution over a period of time.



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