Superior Radiators Newsletter – Issue 15 (December 2015)

Welcome to our 2015 Summer Edition newsletter.

Superior Radiators – Natrad Moorebank was selected as State Winners for NSW/ACT and declared the National Winners for 2015 at the recent Natrad Franchise Annual National Conference.

Following on from our award, we are honoured to donate our prize money of $3000 from Natrad to “Give me 5 For Kids” Foundation who helps provide local communities with aid and support to sick children and their families in times of need. Thank you to Paul Archer for all his hard work towards a great charity.

With the festive season fast approaching we wish to advise our closure dates over Christmas and the New Year.

Reminder !!

Get your car ready for Christmas !! Now is the time to have your cooling and air-conditioning systems checked. Many people seem to forget about checking their system only to find on a sweltering day their radiator overheats (you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road) or the air con doesn’t work or worse still, is blowing hot air. Give us a call to book your vehicle in for a free check up on (02) 9600 8238.

Recent Works

Cat Excavator
This Caterpillar excavator radiator was unavailable from the dealer and we couldn’t find an aftermarket unit. The only choice was to fabricate a top tank and weld it to the existing core. The whole process was done in house. We have a guillotine, panbrake folder, tig welders and can find a solution to most problems.

Industrial Forklift
A materials handling company approached us to service and repair a leaking radiator. It was a bar and plate aluminium cooler and unfortunately this type of core isn’t manufactured in Australia. It is available; however the lead time is between 4 – 8 weeks to have them made overseas and shipped to Australia. With the Christmas holidays looming the delivery date would have been late January or early February 2016.

We manufactured a complete new unit with a heavy duty copper industrial core and fabricated steel tanks in less than 7 days. Therefore saving time and money for the customer. Also the unit is now fully serviceable.

Rolls Royce
A customer brought in a 1948 Rolls Royce Radiator to have a complete new aluminium assembly made. The vehicle was being modified; he was fitting a B A Ford Falcon motor and wanted to have an air conditioning condenser, electric fan and a transmission oil cooler fitted. The challenge was that there were limitations with the amount of room available on the grille side of the radiator. The radiator had to fit back into the frame as it bolted to the cross member and it also forms a mounting point for the guards. We were able to offset the core towards the fan to create room for the condenser. Also we suggested to run a factory water cooled oil oiler that bolts to the side of the motor. We used a fan with 3300 cubic feet per minute capacity. The end result was that we had produced the product the customer requested.

We can’t wait to see photo’s of the vehicle when it’s finished and we will post them in a later newsletter.

Did you Know

Did you know that Superior Radiators are a registered service depot for Air Radiators who supply original equipment for Kenworth, Iveco and Caterpillar.

We are able to offer original equipment replacement cores for these vehicles, also we can offer replacement cores and new radiators to suit all trucks including Western Star, International, Freightliner, Mack, Volvo, Scania, Sterling, Mercedes, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan UD and DAF.

We also offer the option to service or repair your existing radiator.

Something Interesting

A customer came to us with a radiator that needed some repairs. He told us that it was out of a 1925 Doble Steam Car and that there were very few made.

The radiator previously had a new core filled to it in Wales (UK) but had a few leaks where the cast bronze tanks were soldered to the core. We removed the top and bottom tanks, bead blasted them and returned the top of the core. It was then reassembled and pressure tested. The radiator actually works as a condenser to turn vapour back to liquid.

It was a very interesting job which prompted us to do some research on the vehicle. Here are a few facts, photos and links if you would like to know more !!

Abner Doble built his first steam car between 1906 and 1909 while still in high school, with the assistance of his brothers. It was based on components salvaged from a wrecked White Motor Company steamer, driving a new engine of the Doble brothers' own design. It did not run particularly well, but it inspired the brothers to build two more prototypes in the following years. Abner moved to Massachusetts in 1910 to attend MIT, but dropped out after just one semester to work with his brothers on their steam cars.

Their third prototype, the Model B, led Abner to file patents for the innovations incorporated in it which included a steam condenser which enabled the water supply to last for as much as 1,500 miles (2,400 km), instead of the typical steam car's 20–50 miles (30–80 km). The Model B also protected the interior of the boiler from the common steam vehicle nuisances of corrosion and scale by mixing engine oil with feedwater.

While the Model B did not possess the convenience of an internal combustion engine vehicle, it attracted the attention of contemporary automobile trade magazines with the improvements it displayed over previous steam cars. Apart from its slow starting time, the Model B was virtually silent compared to contemporary gasoline engines. It also possessed no clutch or transmission, which were superfluous due to the substantial torque produced by steam engines from 0 rpm. Most noticeably, the Model B could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in just 15 seconds, whereas a Ford Model of the period took 40 seconds to reach its top speed of 40–50 mph (64–80 km/h).

Jay Leno is an owner of a 1925 E-20, once owned by Howard Hughes.

For more information click on the link below -

Watch Youtube video - Jay Leno's Garage -

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