Superior Radiators Newsletter #10

Hello and welcome to the newest edition of our quarterly newsletter. Among other information, in this edition you will find articles on the following topics;

  • Fuel tank repair
  • Cummins Generator Radiator
  • 1925 Bentley radiator
  • Industrial tube and shell oil coolers
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Some recent works

Fuel Tank Repair

Some of our customers are quite surprised to find out that we carry out fuel tank repairs as well as fuel tank modification and custom built fuel tanks.
These repairs aren't just limited to cars; we can also do fuel tanks for trucks, boats, industrial machinery and even earthmoving and mining equipment.
The fuel tank below belonged to a truck that had been involved in an accident. For this particular job, we had to chemically steam clean, degrease and flush, then defume the tank so that it was safe to cut open.
We removed the end cap of the tank and repaired the body of the tank as well as the end cap. It was then welded back together and pressure tested. This is just one of the many tanks that we repair on a regular basis.
Although this was a major repair, we also take on smaller jobs. We can chemically clean tanks internally that have had contaminated fuel or algae growth build up.


More automotive products and services offered by Superior -

Cummins Generator Radiator

This is a sample of the type and size of radiators we are able to repair, service and supply new cores for.
This radiator is out of a large Cummins Generator and measures approximately 2.5 metres square.

We had to have 4 new core sections built, as the old ones were corroded internally due to the lack of servicing. Often these diesel generator sets are in the basement of the buildings which makes it difficult to flush the cooling system as the water capacity of these units could be up to 300 litres. Without proper maintenance of the cooling system, the coolant becomes acidic and corrodes the radiator cores.

We were able to supply the cores and turn the job around in 7 working days.




Superior Radiators specializes in all types of industrial radiators and can also offer an onsite service to remove radiators from diesel generators.

More info on these services -

1925 Bentley Radiator

This Bentley radiator is a 1925 model and the vehicle is owned by a very famous Australian.
It was sent to us by the mechanic that was working on the vehicle to get it back on the road, as it had been sitting in a garage and not driven in the last 7-8 years.

The radiator had become blocked because the water and whatever additive was in it, had congealed and dried out causing the blockage. We were able to successfully chemically clean and flush the radiator so that it wasn't necessary to dismantle it.

It was interesting to see the configuration of the radiator and the simplicity of the design.
It has individual ½" diameter copper tubes with a spiral wound fin that is soldered to the tubes. In order to slow down the flow of water, the tubes had an internal turbulator.

We pressure tested the radiator and no leaks were found.
It's amazing to see something that was nearly 90 years old, still in such good condition. It goes to show how much quality went into building cars like this.




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Did you know?

Tube and Shell Oil Coolers

We are able to access a wide range of heavy duty tube and shell oil coolers to suit a variety of applications from numerous suppliers. Currently, our main supplier Adrad, have expanded their product range and below are just a few of the numerous models they have added to the range.
Tube and shell oil cooler to suit D9N / D9R / D9T - Transmission Cooler


Tube and shell oil cooler to suit Dozer D10, D10R and D10T


Tube and shell oil cooler to suit Cat D8H / D35HP / D400 / 3406 / 3406B / 583H / 631C / 633C/637


Tube and shell oil cooler to suit D9T, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11T, Loader 990H, 992K


Please feel free to contact us for any queries you might have or are looking for an oil cooler for a particular model you have.


Tube & Shell Oil Coolers Brochure - download here

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New Products


Adshield is a unique solder dipped steel fin design that creates an arrangement of tiny shields that cover the normally exposed tube wall on the radiator. This can help protect the radiator from airborne grit and debris which eventually erodes away the fins and penetrate through the exposed tube walls of your radiator.

Using the Adshield core greatly enhances corrosion resistance which gives you extra durability and makes Adshield a cost effective defence against both radiator tube erosion and corrosion.




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Some interesting articles

Kipp Group successfully cleans 90-ton heat exchangers

World’s first cleaning of this type: TubeMaster was first
successfully used for the grinding of pipes with concaves
Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH and its sister company mycon GmbH from
Bielefeld have for the first time successfully cleaned for a client a 90 t
heat exchanger for steam generation using the innovative TubeMaster
system and thereby successfully grind the pipes with concaves for the
first time in the world.

Kipp Group successfully cleans 90-ton heat exchangers - download complete article here

Technical Bulletin

Cabin Filters


Why fit an air intake cabin filter? Download pdf here

Air Conditioning Servicing

Why you should service your A/C system on a regular basis, at least every two years - download pdf here

More info on air conditioning products and services offered by Superior -

From Lara’s Desk!

Some of you may or may not be aware that after almost 7 years here at Superior Radiator Service, I am moving on and I must say, it is with an extremely heavy heart.  I have truly been blessed to work with such an awesome group of people, as well as meeting some great people along the way.

I have learnt a lot in my years here and I still think I could give some men a run for their money when it comes to some technical radiator/car overheating issues!

The new lady taking over, Deb, comes with quite an experienced and varied background and I am sure you will find her extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Wishing you all the very best – it’s been a blast 🙂

Best regards,

Lara Field







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