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Natrad Franchises

This year the Natrad Franchise celebrates its 30 Year Anniversary


The “Natrad” Franchise model commenced in 1984, as an efficient supply chain to service both retail aftermarket and trade customers alike. Natrad and “Nip into Natrad” are among the most recognized consumer brands in the industry and continue the tradition.

Today Natrad have the largest range of sourced radiator products with 10 major warehouses located around the country. The extension of the Natrad Heavy Duty Specialist Group is a recent addition to the Natrad brand, addressing the need for highly skilled cooling technicians for heavy industry cooling including trucking, mining, agricultural and large transport fleets.

Natrad offer trusted advice, friendly service and quality products. With a 3 year nationwide radiator warranty and an easy 131 number to direct you to your closest store, help is always close by.

Natrad History

Natrad are Australia’s most trusted cooling specialists, with over 70 stores nationwide. Natrad is the most recognized and iconic brand in cooling systems. We are the market leader in radiator and air conditioning repairs. Natrad expertly services retail, trade and large industrial accounts. In addition we are supported and owned by Australia’s premier radiator manufacturer whose product is synonymous with exceptional quality.


Natrad has a proud history which dates back over 80 years.

Natra originally began as Motor Radiators way back in 1922 as a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of original equipment, to some of the automotive industry’s biggest names including Holden, Ford and Kenworth.

The business grew considerably, employing hundreds of staff at its manufacturing operations in Noble Park, Victoria. Due to this growth the business then became known as “National Radiators”.

Today Natrad is backed by manufacturing plants in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia for automotive, truck and industrial radiators. Also they have manufacturing plants in New Zealand and Thailand.

They can produce anything from a heater core to large industrial radiators up to 11 metres long.

photo 1

photo 2

Some recent works

Linde Forklift Radiator

We recently had an enquiry for a replacement radiator for a Linde Forklift which is constructed in aluminium bar and plate. They are a combination cooler cooling both water and oil. We found the unit in one of our suppliers catalogues and although it wasn’t available ex stock they were able to supply us one in approximately 30 days. We now keep a replacement unit on the shelf.


Shredder Radiator

A customer came to us with a problem with a radiator out of a Shredder. The machine was being used to shred asphalt and the core was blocking up externally, resulting in the engine overheating. We fabricated a complete new unit in house with steel tanks and a specially built core. Adrad manufactured a core for us with brass fins, with a steel face on the leading and trailing edges of the fins. The tubes were in line and the fin pitch was reduced to allow the shredded materials and debris to pass through the core without clogging. With the addition of the steel face to the fins it allows the core to be washed out with a high pressure cleaner without bending the fins, which was also a problem with the original unit. From all reports the unit is working fine and the problem has been solved.

We have used this technology on several occasions with great success on various types of industrial applications. E.g.) crushing machines, wood chippers, compactors and loaders working in extreme conditions.

Adard IL Br-Stface2

Something Interesting

Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo ! (don’t you just love this name?)

Not really a car but some sort of bike/cart hybrid, this two-wheeled 3,200-lb monstrosity was built in 1913 and was powered by the very first V8 engine that was made in Detroit. Check out the huge external radiator made from the shiny copper tubes….
The Scribbs-Bah..Bi…Whatever.. Even comes equipped with the training wheels!

This vehicle has the privilege of being the first V8 powered vehicle to be built in Detroit. Built in 1913 by self-taught James Scripps-Booth, an heir of the Scripps publishing fortune, it was a motorbike with stabilising wheels that could be lowered by the driver at slow speeds. It had many innovative features not yet seen on production cars of the day, hidden door hinges, folding armrests and a horn mounted in the middle of the steering wheel.
Yes that was steering wheel, the concept was more car than bike. The 6.3ltr V8 produced a massive 45bhp (in the day this was huge). The copper pipes seen running around the front are a heat exchanger/radiator for the engine. It was meant for limited production however this was the only one built.

It’s currently on loan to the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine U.S.A.



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We welcome our newest member to our team Suzie Joseski. Suzie comes to us with a wealth of experience in both administration and accounts and will be our new office manager.

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Best regards,
Suzie Joseski

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