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Reminder !!

With winter almost here, is your vehicle ready for the cold ? Now is a good time to check your anti-freeze !! It might also be a good idea to check that your heater, demister and wipers are functioning correctly.  We are always available for technical or fault diagnosis assistance. Superior Radiators has “all your cooling needs covered”, so feel free to contact us with any of your cooling/heating queries.

Recent Works

UD Intercooler

This Intercooler is out of a Nissan UD truck and was involved in an accident. The unit was no longer available from the Nissan dealer and a second hand unit couldn’t be located either.  We were able to have a new core manufactured and the damaged manifold was repaired, welded and then refitted to the new core.

The job was a success and the truck is back on the road.  We are able to repair and fit new cores to most intercoolers.



Hino 700

Recently a customer brought in a radiator out of a Hino 700 truck he imported from Ireland. Originally these trucks were manufactured in Japan then shipped to Ireland in a flat pack format and then reassembled.

The radiator was leaking from the top tank and the core wasn’t in a serviceable condition.  Our regular suppliers didn’t have any tanks or cores in stock nor was a new unit available.  The only option was to fabricate a complete new unit for the customer.

We fitted a heavy duty industrial core and fabricated a new top tank, the bottom tank had been replaced at some time previously so it was able to be reused.  The customer was happy in the fact that we minimised his down time, saved him money and he now has a fully serviceable radiator.  In most cases we are able to find a solution for complicated radiator applications.


Something Interesting

1917 La Bestioni

La Bestioni began its life as a 1917 fire engine serving Sausalito, California. After an enormous amount of restoration, sourcing of other nostalgic parts, and a unique custom-built body featuring both exotic wood and rusted-panels from the original body – La Bestioni emerged from the rubble to be admired and enjoyed by many. It runs on a 900 cubic-inch, straight 6 cylinder, 14 litre chain driven engine. The fire truck had ladders and pumps, it went out of service in the late 1950’s.

Watch the video to hear it start up !!


Technical Bulletin

technicalstraycurrent 002

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