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Have you checked your anti-freeze !! It might also be a good idea to check that your heater, demister and wipers are functioning correctly. We are always available for technical or fault diagnosis assistance. Superior Radiators has “all your cooling needs covered”, so feel free to contact us with any of your cooling/heating queries.

Recent Works

This radiator is out of a metal shredding machine which is manufactured overseas. The radiator was unavailable to purchase anywhere. It was made out of aluminium and due to the lack of maintenance the core was corroded and unable to be repaired. Because of the environment that the machine operates in, we suggested to the customer that we manufacture a complete new unit with a heavy duty copper and brass core with fabricated steel tanks. We purchased the core from Adrad our core supplier and fabricated the tanks in house. The customer was pleased with the job and the machine is up and running. It’s just one of the many types of industrial radiators that we can offer solutions for with a more robust and serviceable radiator.


This radiator is out of a Freightliner FL80 concrete agitator, as you can see the plastic top tank has blown apart. Over time, the tanks become brittle and either split, crack or disintegrate like this one. The radiator was a special build radiator with an oil cooler in the bottom tank and different to a normal FL80 radiator. The unit was very expensive to purchase from the dealer. Given the fact that the rest of the radiator was still in good condition we were able to fabricate a new top tank out of aluminium and weld it to the core. The top tank will now out last the rest of the radiator.


This fuel tank is out of a mobile power generator which is trailer mounted. The fuel tank is the base of the trailer then the engine and canopy sit on top. This generator was being used in the film making industry and was out on site when it developed a problem with fuel supply. The engine would cut out after 2 hours of running, they would have to blow back through the fuel lines to remove the blockage so that they could continue to film. The customer had the fuel tank removed and brought it to us to clean. We cut some inspection holes in the top and found that it was badly rusted and built up with a lot of sludge. The only solution was to cut the top off completely, sand blast the tank and weld on a new top. We completed the job in 2 ½ days. We have many solutions for fuel tanks including cleaning, repairing and fabrication of new tanks.


Something Interesting

When will there finally be a vehicle that no longer has to be pulled by horses ?

Since 1886
The 1886 Benz patent motor car: the world’s first car.

If truth be told, before this date there had already been “auto-mobiles” powered by steam or electricity. But not only did Karl Benz hit upon the brilliant idea of using an internal combustion engine as the drive system for a “self-mover”; he was also the first to have the tenacity to secure success for the invention. On 29 January 1886 he presented his stroke of genius at the Imperial Patent Office – the car was born.

His single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 0.954 of a litre anticipated elements still found in every internal combustion engine to this day: a crankshaft with balance weights, electric ignition and water cooling: enough to generate 0.55 kW and a top speed of 16 km/h, virtually corresponding to the power of a whole horse. Snorting loudly and hissing terrifyingly, the newfangled motor car must have seemed like the work of the devil to some back then.

Anyone brave enough to try out Benz’s invention was a true pioneer, for there was no road network, there were no workshops, and they had to forge their own replacement parts. Nevertheless, no less than 25 production-version units of the patent motor car were sold.

Daimler built his “motorised carriage” that same year. Benz initially had a slight edge over Daimler, but then Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft designed a car that was a model for the industry, going down in history as a “Mercedes”.

For more information regarding the current Mercedes-Benz range, see


Did you know?

We can still recore vintage and classic radiators with original style cores. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like a quote.


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