Superior Radiators Spring 2012 Newsletter #3

A word from the director ….

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter.  I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention the assistance we can offer your business.  Our workshop is industry leading and we can rebuild all types of radiators, oil coolers and after coolers from transport, power generation, marine, industrial, construction, trains, mining, gas, offshore, passenger vehicle, motorbikes and more.  Every unit that comes in for repair gets the same QA treatment, ensuring we quote all costs up front and use the best quality service components in the rebuild to ensure quality and is in the best possible condition ready for installation.

Superior Radiators can cover a wide range of core styles to meet your requirements, from a 2 metre square generator radiator to vintage cores with cathedral headerplates and shaped in a V.  Our cores can be manufactured from copper, brass and steel fin materials, header plates can be turned up, boxed or flat and drilled to suit gaskets.

My team pride themselves on customer service and focus on turn around times to meet your schedule.

Until the next issue….

Warm Regards,

Mark O’Sulivan

Future for the Radiator Repair Industry

A good way of anticipating the future for the industry in Australia is to look at trends in the USA where changes in the automotive industry generally happen 5-15 years ahead of Australia.

The graph below shows that the number of radiator repair shops in the US peaked in 1986 and has declined since.

There are two major reasons for the reduction in shops, firstly, the wide availability of aluminium complete assemblies from distributors who are not repairers and secondly, the volume of business in the successful shops has increased.

Superior Radiators is ensuring that we are being amongst the reduced numbers of radiator shops by providing a more professional repair business with a wide range of services available to meet our customer demands.

Heavy Duty Program

We are proud to announce that we are now part of Natrad’s Heavy Duty Program – Natrad Heavy Duty Specialist (HDS) – the only national heavy duty specialist group in all of Australia.

In your line of business, we understand that productivity means everything. It’s imperative your heavy duty vehicles and fleets are fitted with reliable and exceptional quality products provided by reliable and trusted suppliers to ensure your operations are continuously on the move.  It’s important for your drivers, your clients, your profitability and your reputation.

With a proud history, which dates back nearly 80 years, Natrad provides quality products backed with a nationwide warranty.  Their products are engineered and manufactured to provide outstanding durability and service life – which meet and exceed the needs of light truck and commercial vehicles, as well as heavy on and off highway vehicles.

The Heavy Duty Specialist program covers Road & Rail Transport, Earthmoving & Agricultural Equipment and Mining Equipment.

Heavy duty products and services are offered by Superior on these pages -

Featured Product -
Folded Core Modular Radiators

Large mining vehicles and heavy construction equipment often use modular core design radiators. These offer significant maintenance benefits. When they become worn or damaged, the failed section of the radiator can be quickly isolated or replaced, reducing down-time for such expensive machinery.

We can supply over 30 different modular cores to suit a variety of AMOCS, IMRM and CAT applications. Seals for these units cores are also available.

Grommets for Modular Core Radiators

Adrad’s industrial cooling range includes much more than just large industrial radiators. They also supply a huge range of parts for use in repairing radiators – from fittings and gaskets right through to full replacement cores.

One of the newer products available is Adrad’s high quality rubber grommets specifically designed for use when repairing MESABI™ style modular core water radiators.

Made from high temperature resistant material, these durable rubber grommets are ideal for long service life in a variety of applications including vehicles and stationary equipment.

Mechanically Bonded Cores

Mechanically Bonded radiator cores are ideal for super heavy duty cooling applications such as locomotive engines, haul trucks and power generation. These cores are manufactured with extremely strong tube-to-header construction (16mm steel), combined with thick-walled brass tube (0.45mm) for maximum strength and reliability.

These cores withstand high pressure, vibration and thermal cycling over a long service life. Exceptional durability combines with high corrosion resistance for vastly reduced maintenance.

Heavy duty products and services are offered by Superior Radiators on these pages -

FEATURE: Is your Car/Vehicle ready for summer?

When was the last time you had your air conditioning/cooling system checked or serviced?

Did you know that the air con should be serviced every 2 years which includes replacing the receiver/dryer?

Moisture builds up in the A/C system and subsequently, turns into hydrochloric acid. Because most of the components are made of aluminium, this acid is slowly eating away at you’re A/C system which will eventually destroy the system and be costly to repair.

Remember, preventative maintenance is the best cure. Don’t wait until the really hot weather arrives. Why not get it checked now? The cooling system has many components that if they fail, could leave you stranded on the freeway or on the side of the road.

Some of the common faults that occur are;

  1. Blockage of the radiator core, internal and external
  2. Malfunction of the thermostat
  3. Radiator/heater hoses split
  4. Water pump leaks
  5. Radiator cap not holding pressure
  6. Cracking or fraying of the fan belt

If the engine overheats it also has an effect on your transmission, as the oil is also cooled by the radiator.

Why not bring your car in for a free check and pressure test now?

Superior Radiators & Mad Max – Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is an upcoming 2013 Australian post-apocalyptic action film directed by George Miller and produced by Doug Mitchell.
It is the fourth film in the Mad Max franchise.

In October 2009, Miller announced that that filming of Fury Road
would commence at Broken Hill, New South Wales in early 2011,
ending years of rumor. This announcement attracted widespread media
attention in Australia, with the popular speculation at that time on
whether Mel Gibson would return as Max, even though this had previously been considered unlikely.

In November 2011, the production was forced to relocate from Broken Hill to Namibia, after unexpected heavy rains and flooding turned the area into an oasis and a lush landscape of wildflowers, instead of the post apocalyptic terrain that is the setting for Max’s world. Gibson was offered a cameo role, but he turned it down at the last minute.

In May of this year Superior Radiators supplied 10 BA V8 Falcon radiators, radiator fans and header tanks to the production company. These units were being shipped directly to Namibia where filming is currently taking place. We’re hoping to get one of these units back after filming to display in our recently renovated waiting room.

As part of the press event on to announce the production in Australia (NSW), two vehicles were also put on display. The vehicle attracting the most attention was of course the new look Mad Max Fury Road Interceptor shown below. Director George Miller explained that “all the vehicles are kind of hybrid, cobbled together, from the wrecks of the past”.

As well as the Fury Road Interceptor featured in the movie, be sure to check out the modified FX Holden Ute that was also on display at the event (shown below).

The FX Holden (or 48/215 Holden by it’s official code) was the first model to be built in Australia – although they never built them like this! As best as can be determined, the engine as shown above is most likely fully functional.  Beyond that, it is not currently known the exact role this vehicle might play in the film.

This vehicle was apparently home built, and then later purchased by the Mad Max producers. It is still unclear whether it was purchased just for the purpose of the publicity event, or whether it will actually feature in the film. But you can certainly find information and videos around on You Tube from before Kennedy Miller Mitchell bought it.


Building Upgrade

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been carrying out renovations over the last few months.  Our building exterior, reception, front office and customer waiting areas are now complete.   This new look is in keeping with Natrad’s store guidelines and maintains uniformity throughout all the Natrad stores Australia wide.

Remodeling of the workshop has commenced.  New skylights have been installed which not only improves the lighting throughout the entire area, but provides environmental benefits including saving costs on electricity.  New gas lines have also been installed in the workshop.

The next phase is the expansion of our car park.  Some of you may have noticed in the past during some of our busier times, that there have been no parking spaces available and the driveway has also been completely crammed.  We’re hoping that by providing a few extra parking spots, this will ease the congestion during those times.

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