Air Conditioning Services


  • Full Air Conditioning, service, repairs, regas & modifications.
  • Ability to repair & make new Air Conditioning hoses & pipes.
  • Complete air conditioning service.
  • Supply of new compressors, condensers, evaporators and TX valves.
  • Hoses and pipes remade, modified and new replacements.
  • Servicing and repairs to all systems.
  • Heaters, removed, replaced and supply of new units.
  • Complete licensed workshop.

FEATURE: Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

When was the last time you had your air conditioning/cooling system checked or serviced? Did you know that the air con should be serviced every 2 years which includes replacing the receiver/dryer? Moisture builds up in the A/C system and subsequently, turns into hydrochloric acid. Because most of the components are made of aluminium, this acid is slowly eating away at you’re A/C system which will eventually destroy the system and be costly to repair.

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